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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Current Song : Morning Musume - Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~
Current Mood : samuiiii~~

Honestly.. first time i saw it.. i remember of Kusano!!.. hahaha.. so i named it Kuusa... play with it.. and make it fall from the tree.. hehehehe *grin*

adopt your own virtual pet!

LinzQ doing "sekushi uwa uwa" at 09:45 a.m. \^0^/

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Im just starting my new petto... this is Puguu.. its quite cute and baka.. hahaha... just try to play with it.. and see what im talking about... *click click click on its body*.. enjoy^^

adopt your own virtual pet!

LinzQ doing "sekushi uwa uwa" at 09:35 a.m. \^0^/

Saturday, June 10, 2006

oha^0^ new leot is coming...
Current Song : Kirakuni - Crystal Kay
Current Mood: Full.. just got my bfast

Yay...!! finally i got a new layout.. huahauahuha.. after this really long time!!... thanks to Traci who made this to me.. i always ask u neTT.TT feel bad about it..

Today is saturday.. so it means gathering day with IJ girls... but today i wont make it.. coz i need rest in home.. and also my mom still in JOGJA to be volunteer there.. maybe she`ll be back on sunday... but then i had this plan to just stay at home and take some rest.. my friends asked me to watch this korean basketball match in sports mall this afternoon.. huhuhuhuu... i`ll surely go with them.. but maybe i`ll take some rest first.. hahahaha...

Last week end i went to Bandung to attend this event of SKY FM, whose Thina n Nissa as the MC.. it was quite a good event, to gather charity for JOGJA and it was also attended by so many people.. there were performances from local jpop/jrock band, auction (things and in persons, including my bf -____-;; --> the winner/buyer will get a chance to have a dinner with them... 0________o) and many things. I came with my sis.. before we went to the spot, we shopped around first.. Bandung is famous with its Factory Outlet, and yeah.. we bankrupt.. hahahaha..

Okay.. i have to back to work.. *sigghhh..* its saturday... and i still have works to do X________x ganbatte Linz!!!!^____________^/ jya naa~~

LinzQ doing "sekushi uwa uwa" at 08:48 a.m. \^0^/

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Current Music : Demi Waktu - Ungu
Current Mood : ngantukkkkkkkkkk!!!

Huaaaaaaay... halah.. ud lama bener gue ga nyentuh nih blog.. ck ck ck.. pake bhs indonesia aj deh.. bentar lagi ud mau pulang.. jadi ga ribet.. hahahaha..

Crita yg kemaren di bandung dl??.. ga usah deh.. report nya kan ud di IJ na.. baca dooooooonggggggg!!!... males ah kalo nulis disini lg.. hahahaha.. gue mau crita smlm aj deh.. fufufufufufu.. kemaren ini gue ke Vertigo.. dugem.. halah.. ngga deh.. hahaha.. gue ga demen dugem euy.. jadi semalem itu gue ke sana buat ngehadirin acara MTV asia award 2006 voting party.. jadi nominasi2 dr indonesia al: peterpan, project pop, maliq n d`essentials, rossa n radja itu manggung n mengkampanyekan diri sendiri buat di vote.. gitu loh... mc nya vj daniel n rianti.. ramaaaaaaaaah bgt rianti nya!!.. cantik pula.. daniel jg sih!!.. hehehe.. well.. di undangan (undangannya g dpt dr thai airways selaku sponsor utama..) acara mulai jam 7.. tapi ngareeeeeeeeeeeeet bgt.. yah no wonder laaa yah indonesia gt looh.. hahaha.. ngaret ampe jam 8 lewat.. mana pengunjung nya ud rame bgt!!!.. (note:undangan disebar 200.. 1 undangan 2 org.. 400 org*faint*.. sementara vertigo itu kecil cilik skaleeeeeeee)...
ya uda.. pas mulai seru2 gt deh.. gue berdiri plg depan!!!.. hahaha.. niar abisssssssssssssssss... sumpah deh.. parah abissssss.. temen gue emang gila ariel.. jadi dia cr tempat bener2 strategis... jadi ikut lah gue sama dia.. tp ga rugi!!.. gue antusias nya cuman ama peterpan... soalnya project pop br ketemu di acara singapore airlines tgl 23 maret kemaren.. sama si aming,dkk.. jadi yah biasa aj.. performance pertama project pop.. nyanyi 3 lagu d kalo ga salah.. ngebanyol2 dikit.. malah sempet si gugum ngambil kamera gue.. motoin tika n udjo.. then diembat lah kamera gue itu.. (dikantongin).. haahahaha.. niat abis nyuri nya.. pura2 mau moto in dl.. then abis mereka (diselingin games2 gt d).. peterpan!!.. damn!!.. arielllllllllllllllllll... pendek sangat yah.. hahahahahaha... pendeeeeeeeeeeek deh dia dibanding vj daniel... ck ck ck.. cakep sih.. yah boleh lah.. matanya kayak org arab2 geto.. ga kliatan kalo d tv.. kayaknya dia lg sakit d.. ga gt byk ngomong.. (tampak sakit tenggorokan).. beehh.. pas dia performance sih parah foto2 nya... gue dpt byk yg bagus.. n close up!!.. hahaha.. dia nyanyi kurang lebih stg meter doang d dpn gue.. hauhauauahuaha... asik dah.. jelas abisssssssss!!!.. panggung nya pendek pula!!.. bisa diloncatin!!.. hahaha..
then perf slanjut nya rossa.. mungil skaleeee dia!!.. n PUTIH!!.. gue ga nyangka dia seputih itu!... dia juga baek bgt..!!.. well gue ga gitu antusias sih yah ama dia.. hahaha... oia.. radja ga dtg.. (bagus deh)
then terakhir maliq n d`essential.. pertama sih biasa aj.. tapi ternyata!!.. gue akuin!!.. mereka keren!!!.. abisssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!.. performance mereka sih keren abissss... mungkin sering manggung di kafe2 x yah.. jadi yah ud biasa.. keren abis!!!.. nyanyi 3 lagu lah mereka rata2.. gue jadi mulai melirik lagu2 mereka.. yg biasa nya biasa aj.. skrg jadi yang.. mmm.. okay.. gue coba dgr in.. keren!!!!!... pas bgt deh pamungkas nya mereka.. soalnya smua jadi "high" bgt!!!..

well.. i think thats it.. like i told u before.. im in a rush.. already fetched up.. its hard rain outside.. so we`ll talk later.. jaaaaaaaaaaa~~~

LinzQ doing "sekushi uwa uwa" at 12:45 p.m. \^0^/

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Current Music : Crystal Kay - Namida ga afurete mo
Current Mood : Sleepy

Minna... ohisashiburiiiii desuuuu neeeeee~~~... aaah~~.. lately im so bz bz bz bz bz and bz.. today, the system is die!!!.. so i have spare time with my blog.. hahaha.. yay!!!!! ^0^~~~ ureshinaaaa~~

How`s life..?? great and never expect greater than this.. i have so many caring people around me.. nyanyanyanya~~.. we had so much fun lately.. karaoke, bowling, eat, swim.. or just simple thing.. gather in other`s house.. and doing nothing.. hahahaha... too many things too share until i forgot.. hahaha..
How`s love..?? fine.. and yeah a little arguing thingy still happen sometimes.. but yeah.. it will be so damn lame if we`re not having arguing things right??.. so yeah.. i hope everything will b fine.. but still.. miss him everyday..<33
How`s JE..?? i just did some download to b inserted in the next IJ`s "patungan".. abt their news.. of coz i still know.. and yeah.. NewS will b held their ONE PIECE launching single.. aaaaaarrgghh~~ how lucky japanese fans!!!!!... they can meet them for sure.. even therwill b no Hiro.. but still.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~... i want to b there!!!.... *scretching face and running undirectly*
How`s me..?? hahahaha... well.. this week is awful for me n job.. nothing really serious happened.. but there r some grannies... not 1.. 2... but these are 3!!!!!!... they`re so annoying!!!... they`re acted like boss.. and so damn stoopz bcoz of themselves!!!aaaaaaaaah... they r bakaaaaa~~~ hate them so much!!.. aaah.. i wish when i turn to old.. i wont b like any of them... old n stupid... yyuucckk!!!...~~~~ ok.. ill take the karma for saying them like that.. but but but but but.. they made me feel like in HELL this week!!!... arrrrrgggh~~~!!!!

Arrrgghh... so great to release stress in here.. hahahaa.. anything else to share??.. mm... u can see some pics of me and bunches of friends in my fs.. and of course my honey too.. hahaha..
Okay.. i think thats it.. ill be back for sure.. but dunno when.. ahahah.. jya mata neeeee~~~~ chu~~

LinzQ doing "sekushi uwa uwa" at 02:09 p.m. \^0^/

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Vtine + Kusano bdae
Current Music : Shower me with ur love - Surface
Current Mood : Want to take a pee.. but too lazy like usual... -__________________________________-;;

Guys.. ohisashiburrriiiiiii neee... mmm.. Valentines just pass... and sharply yesterday was Kusano`s birthday... wondering what he`s doing yesterday.. hahahaha.. still in suspended era.. i bet he must b doing something with his birthdate.. hahahhaha..

I really enjoying life n relations these days.. gomenasai for everyone who felt neglected after we [me n cien] didnt come to the gath these last few weeks... its bcoz my other 2 friends back to indonesia.. and we had to have fun.. so.. yeaaaah.. hehehe... ive got some new friends.. most of them are boys.. and some are funny!!.. theyre so dang funny!!!... hahahaha.. i can even laugh myself when i heard their name... hahahaha.. ne cien??.. too many idiots people laaaaa... and too bad i can be their friends... HAAHAHAHHAHAHA... well.. i think thats it for now.. i still have something to do.. jyaaaaaaaaaa~~~

LinzQ doing "sekushi uwa uwa" at 03:54 p.m. \^0^/

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

...Good Morning...
Current Music : Glenn Fredly - You`re my everything
Current Mood : Full

Good morning everyone..!! Well.. like all of u know.. NewS will b off from their work start from this May.. until end of year.. and will be back around early 2007.. well.. i was so speechless when i knew it.. i even a little cried.. but since i was in offc... so yeah.. i can do nothing.. just let my support stay beside them.. always...
But yes.. ill miss them.. as a group.. almost a year we`ll not see them in any show or performance...

But still.. let`s face it..!!!!together!!! yosh!!^0^//

Last week end, me n bunches of friends went to Anyer... hehehe... it was so damn great n fun!!.. ill add the pic later... since im too lazy to ul it in photobucket.. hahaha..

Okay.. i think i have to go back to work now.. jyaa~~

LinzQ doing "sekushi uwa uwa" at 09:06 a.m. \^0^/